About This Unusual Book

The book My Children, My Heroes by Sonia Minuskin describes how my mother was able to save her 2 young children (my younger brother and me) against overwhelming odds during the Holocaust years of World War II. I translated this dramatic story from its original Yiddish manuscript into English. 


Our Customers

This book has been purchased by some of the major Holocaust Museums including the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC  and  Yad Vashem in Israel. 

Teachers have ordered this book to use in their classrooms to study the Holocaust.


 Shown below is a photograph of Sonia (Shanke) Minuskin, circa 1935.


History of the Project

This book took almost 2 years to complete.  The original manuscript was written in Yiddish and had to be translated into English without losing the emotions and the feeling of the events that were unfolding. For example, my mother faced many emotional challenges; whether to keep her children or abandon them, or the fear of not having enough food for her children. Such emotions had to be conveyed in English just as well as it was told in Yiddish.


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