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Documentary DVD About My Town of Zhetel

It took about a year to produce this 72 minute documentary about my small town of about 3500 predominately Jewish residents. The video begins with how life existed prior to the German occupation in 1940. Although Poland was technically invaded in Septemeber of 1939, the German soldiers did not reach our town until about a year later. A brief introduction is provided about life in Zhetel prior to its occupation. Then the horrible life threatening rules the Germans imposed on us eventually became overwhelming. We organized the Jewish Partisan resistance fighters to begin to even the score and fight back for the many of us who were machine gunned to death in front of prepared ditches. We received some help from the Soviet forces of air dropped food, weapons and  Russian officiers who parachuted into our area to provide leadership and taught us guerrilla fighting tactics and sabotage to be used against the German occupiers.


The companion DVD is a dramatic reading of my mother's words by my wife, Arlene Minuskin.  It tells about the terrible treatment of the Jews prior to their massacre. My wife uses my mother's words to describe how I overcame typhus and hunger and how she dealt with the daily threats to our lives from the extremely cold weather, lack of food, lack of sanitary conditions and that any day we could be turned in by a peasant who is seeking the reward the Germans placed on each of us.


The documentary DVD plus its companion DVD is available for $14.  The documentary DVD alone is $10. The prices include postage/shipping fees.

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