When and where was the original memoirs manuscript written? Are there any other original sources or forms of the manuscript?

The original manuscript was written in the Displaced Persons (DP) Camp in Frankfurt, am/Main about March or April 1946. A copy of this manuscript was donated to YIVO, Institute for Jewish Research, located in New York City.

Other forms of the original manuscript are on CDs. Sonia Minuskin read her manuscript in 1992 in the original Yiddish it was written in.  Her readings were recorded onto 4 tape cassettes. Later, the tape cassettes were transferred onto CDs.

Who else contributed to the manuscript or any chapters in the book?

My mother's translated memoirs represent the first section of the book. Following sections include my own recollections of various events. Another portion is a tribute to my father, Sam Minuskin, who joined the Jewish Partisans, and my cousin, Kalman Minuskin, who at the age of 12 served with the partisans as a scout. He risked his life every day to determine where the German strongholds were located and reported those findings to the partisan leaders. 

The sections on the partisan battles document the Jewish armed resistance, victorious battles, sabotage of German train lines, and revenge against informers.


If I receive all the information from "minconsult@yahoo.com" on how to order the book, and place my order, how long would it take for me to receive the book?

Normally, it would take 5 to 6 days to receive the book after the order is placed for 1 to 10 books.  This assumes that the book is to be shipped within the United States.  Outside the United States it will take longer.

How large a fighting force did the partisans represent?

 A lesser know fact of the Holocaust is that some 1-2% of Jews fought back against the German oppressors.  Although their numbers were small, these Jewish Resistance fighters were well organized and often destroyed heavily guarded German positions. No German prisoners were ever taken for several reasons.  The Jewish Partisans wanted to extract revenge on every German soldier they saw because many of the partisan families were murdered by the Germans. Secondly, food was in very short supply and to feed your enemy would be never be allowed as long as most of the Partisans were on the verge of starvation.  Then there was the problem of containing and watching the prisoners. There were no facilities or personnel available for that task.   

Is the author, Sonia Minuskin, who wrote her original Holocaust memoirs in Yiddish still alive?

The author of the original Yiddish manuscript, Sonia (Shanke) Minuskin passed on in November 2008.  She was over 100 year old.  She continued to converse with her two sons about a variety of topics. Her mind remained sharp to the very end.

How would you summarize the information and topics contained in this book?

General information contained in the book includes: My mother's life and survival with the Jewish Partisans during WWII in the forests of Belorussia;  Jews who fought along with the Russian Partisans during WWII; destruction of the Jewish population in Belorussia during WWII was often impeded by the Jewish Partisan activities on the border of Poland and Belorussia.

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